Seven Hiking Lessons I Learned From Watching Doctor Who

First of all, I am NOT a Doctor Who fanatic. No! Really, I’m not.

I only started watching it on DVD a month ago, so it hasn’t been long enough for me to become one of those, you know…crazy fans. I haven’t even gotten to the Matt Smith episodes yet.

But I do like the show…a lot. Ok, maybe I even love the show – for entertainment educational purposes only. I mean it’s not like I want to marry the Doctor, or something. Meh.

Ok, fair enough. Maybe I have a crush on one, or two, of his companions, but I’ll never meet them in real life. So, my marriage is perfectly safe.

I don’t own a Dalek. I don’t wear red Converse high tops. I don’t arrange my plans around the Doctor Who Christmas special. I don’t even have a scale model of the TARDIS sitting in my living room…yet.

Now that that’s cleared up, I want to talk about the educational value of watching Doctor Who.

Seriously! Don’t laugh.

It dawned on me – somewhere between Rose and Donna – that you can learn a lot from the Doctor. And, you can apply what you’ve learn from Doctor Who to, of all things…hiking.

The Seven Hiking Lessons

1. Remain cheerful and maintain a good sense of humor – The good news is you’ll never have to face the sort of difficult decisions the Doctor does, but if you do…be cheerful (or as cheerful as you can be).

2. Fight the good fight – Don’t go looking for trouble, but handle it when trouble finds you.

3. Always carry your special tool – The Doctor has his sonic screwdriver. You should have a good multi tool.

4. Always have a travel companion – But not necessarily one that’s half your age and from the opposite sex…unless that’s your thing.

5. Never give up – It’s not an option for the Doctor…and it should never be an option for you.

6. When all else fails…regenerate – You can’t create a new body, like the Doctor, but a good night’s sleep will go a long way towards regenerating your body; mind and spirit.

7. Have a safe place you can go at the end of the day – The Doctor has his TARDIS. You always have your tent, hammock or trail shelter.

Follow these lessons, adapt to change and all of your hiking episodes will end as well as the Doctor’s.

Any more Whovians out there? Got a hiking lesson you’ve learned from the Doctor? Let us know in the comments section.

See ya’ on the trail,

4 thoughts on “Seven Hiking Lessons I Learned From Watching Doctor Who

  1. I learned never be in the blues all the time, but try to be cheerful and happy even a little when things are weighing you down

    • That’s a good way to live your life, LyraTheLastTimeLady. Thanks for dropping by and leaving us with your thoughtful words.

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