My Favorite Lunch

Here’s something a little different; a secret recipe. Who doesn’t like secret recipes? I’ve been doing this for years and can’t get enough of it. Thought it might be time to share it.

I know it’s not a typical trail post, but we do have to eat once in a while, right? Give this a try sometime and tell me what you think. It’s tasty! It’s healthy! And it’s packed with omega 3s, which will keep your knees strong for hiking up and down mountains.

Here ya go – a recipe in photos…

Your ingredients. Ingredients

Mash up sardines.sardines

Add some diced onions.onions

Add some diced sundried tomatoes.sundried tomatoes

Add some diced olives (whatever kind you like).Olives

Add some pesto.pesto

Mix well.mixing

Spread on crackers (I like to use thin rye crisps called Finn Crisp).cracker

Add some grated cheese – your choice (Gorgonzola goes best, but I didn’t have any).cheese

Heat in oven until the cheese melts.oven

Serve and enjoy!serve

See ya’ on the trail!


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